Norman Steisel Provides Environmental Consulting Services

Norman Steisel, through EnEssCo Strategies, provides business development, strategic, and other services to companies active in the environmental services and products marketplace. Present-day client engagements for the Company include providing services for a development firm creating a short-sea service to trans-ship foreign arriving containerized goods at the Port of New York. These goods are bound for New England-based clients using a freight ferry to replace more high-priced conventional truck delivery and to ease congestion and pollution created by vehicles on the I-95 passageway.

Recent customer engagements also include a leading organization with a proprietary, commercially viable bio-mass technology. This particular technology creates a more affordable replacement fuel for conventional heating oil products combined with considerable decreases in combustion emissions.

Customer engagements also include a development enterprise setting up an eco-park in New Orleans for solid waste processing and new product manufacturing from post-consumer recyclables. This includes the deployment of an anaerobic waste-to-energy digestion facility for the treatment of the organic element of the waste stream.

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